Growth Track

​As committed Christ-followers, it is important that we are proactively growing in our faith. The Church Unlimited Growth Track is made up of two sessions that equip you to just that.

Growth Track is run by Ps James & Paula Hensley online.  This is an incredible way to get to know God, the Hensley’s, Yourself, and the heartbeat of our great church.

Session 1 – Growing in God & Church Unlimited (Night 1)

Part A – Growing in God

Growing in God doesn’t just happen.  We need to be intentional about developing our relationship with God.  In Part A, we will teach you some basic principles that will help you grow in your unique relationship with God.

Part B – Growing in Church Unlimited

We believe that people may initially go to a church for God, but then plant in a church when it feels like home.  In Part B, we will help you to better understand how and why we do church. We will also show you some of the best ways you can grow in Church Unlimited.

Session 2 – Growing in my Unlimited Potential (Night 2)

Part C – Growing in my Unlimited Potential

As followers of Christ, we carry His presence within us.  The Bible tells us that we can do all things through Christ who is our strength. This means we have unlimited potential within us!! It is now up to us to discover this unlimited potential and intentionally develop it.  In Part C you will undergo a personality test, spiritual gifts test, and passion finder to better help you understand how God designed you and grow you in who God has called you to be.

Part D – Growing in my Unlimited Purpose

God has created each one of us on purpose for an extraordinary purpose.  This means we all have a part to play in advancing Gods Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Once we have discovered how God has wired us, we can start to utilize our gifts to help establish His Church. In Part D, you will be invited to play your part by joining one of our many ministry teams.  There is a YOU shaped hole in Church Unlimited.  We want to help you fill that hole to the fullness of your potential.

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